lunedì 26 maggio 2014

Song To Camilla

Sapphire In The Circles.

My Inner Eye \Blinded,
Hence I Pray The Mountain Of  Leniency To Dispense My Mental
Theatre  – Uselessly  – , While The Old Chapel Turns
Out To Be An Albatross.
And Let The Eyes Shot The Impres_
sive Words
                                                                  Tonight The Asters Drop Inside The Paper Bag_ Of Your Thoughts
Sitting By The Scent Of The Sacred
Water In My Mirroire.

Everybody’s Talking _And Talking _And _Talking

‘Feels Like A Woman’s Cry, A Soul Within A Soul
And I’ve Been Sowing  Mine And

The Seeds Of Laughters
All Around The Circles In The Years Of Plenty
And I Was Pregnant Like The Mare
I Rode In The Circles   -

                                                                  Ever - Sometimes, Anytime – What Does__ The Word Time Mean?

Enlightening, Thick
Wonderful Life - An Apple Of Yellow In Your Hands  -
I’ve Seen The Hill Brushed By A
Wind Of Purity

- Let The Good Times Roll - Says The Wise
- To Me -

And  The Stone By The Fountain
Turns Into A Blossom Of  Acclaim -
You’ve Chosen - Me? For Free, For Sale – What Else!
The Promise I Promised - Go Fishing, I’d Better –

Say No, You! And Repeat.
To The  Butcher And The Lawyer And The Employee, To Your Best Friend’s Mother. Say No.  Fall Into Your Refusal
To The Prophet’s Prophecy
To The String Of The Street Singer. And So On, To The Pink Walls Of Your House
Toss The Holy Stone. Say
No, Repeat. Kill Time In The Flame Of The Funny Side
Comedians. Repeat. From The
Legroom The Muses Born.

Are We Waiting For The _Forbidden Crop – Perchance, Perchance. And
The Fruit Hanging From The Tree Of Living Is Left To The
Worms Of The Human Machine Itself
Your Daughter, Your Child
(as to say)
As Result, My Adore Is Depleted,
Stop Waiting For The Keeper To Fend Off  The Blow \ In The Field Where The Rye
Tips With Silver And Your Hair Cut Short
In A Book You Once Read About.
Life’s Nothing But A Drama In Print By The Grate Embryonic Mind I Saw.
Don’t Think ____Twice; Don’t Think!
The Lot Is Okay. Sugar?

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